Kentucky Derby Post Draw Set For Wednesday


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The Triple Crown horse racing season gets underway this weekend with the running of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. While ‘unofficial’ betting odds have been available for quite some time now thanks to futures betting markets in Las Vegas and elsewhere, Wednesday will see the first official line posted. The Kentucky Derby post draw will announce the entrants for the race and their starting position. Not long after Churchill Downs oddsmaker Mike Bataglia will release the ‘morning line’ on the race and Kentucky Derby betting will begin.

Ironically, people who are attending the race live will actually have fewer betting options than people elsewhere. Many Kentucky Derby betting options can be found at sports books worldwide that aren’t available at the track. Don’t get me wrong–there won’t be a shortage of betting going on at Churchill Downs but it’ll all be of the traditional horse racing variety–win, place and show wagers and the exotic betting options including exacta, trifecta and ‘Pick 6′ wagering. These betting options will be available at simulcast facilities throughout the world as well.

But bettors at the sports books of Nevada and at online sports books will have many more options. One of the most popular betting options not offered at Churchill Downs is the head to head horse matchup. Basically, this is the same thing as a head to head matchup in NASCAR–the bettor picks which horse will finish highest out of a matchup of two horses. This offers a couple of advantages over more traditional forms of horse race betting–you can key ‘on’ or ‘against’ a certain horse without having to worry that he’ll actually win the race. If you think a horse is highly overrated you can just go against him in matchups and if you’re right you’ll receive a nice payout without having to worry about the running order of the race.

Other proposition bets are also available including over/under propositions involving the time of the race, the running order of horses from certain prep races and performance props involving specific trainers. In addition, you can bet on whether or not there will be a Triple Crown winner in 2013 (there hasn’t been a Triple Crown winner in over 30 years now). And that’s just the beginning–some books offer cross sport propositions where you can combine the outcome of the Kentucky Derby with betting options in hockey, baseball or soccer. However you bet the race, make sure to check the latest Kentucky Derby odds before you lay your money down!

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