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Early Super Bowl Betting Line Favors AFC

Although the Super Bowl matchup won’t be set until after Sunday’s NFC and AFC Conference Championship games there are already lines popping up for the big game at sports books worldwide. These betting propositions are giving the AFC the edge in winning Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans though by most metrics it should be a very close game. The most popular type of ‘early’ Super Bowl line is a bet where you can choose to back the AFC entrant


Houston Texans Face Uphill Battle Against History In Super Bowl Quest

In the early months of the NFL season the Houston Texans could do little wrong. The entered December with a 12-1 record and were expected to coast to the AFC South title, the best record in the conference and home


Denver Broncos Favored In Wide Open Super Bowl Betting Field

By any metric it’s been a crazy year for the Denver Broncos. This time last year they were scrapping their way into the playoffs behind their tough defense and the unique skills of quarterback Tim Tebow. In the off season


Super Bowl Betting Update

In our last Super Bowl betting update we suggested that there might be some support for the Patriots in the betting market. We’re still waiting. The public keeps betting the Giants and so far there’s been little movement in the


Huge Crowd Sends Pats Off To Super Bowl

The New England Patriots made the trip to Indianapolis this morning in preparation for next Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup against the New York Giants. They were sent off on their trip by over 25,000 fans who filled Gillette Stadium for


Super Bowl Bettors Show Little Love For Pats

How soon they forget. The New England Patriots have been to the Super Bowl six times in franchise history winning three. Five of those six appearances and all three wins have been in the past decade. All three wins have

Bet on Super Bowl XLIX

The Super bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL) and is second only to the Champions League Final as the most watched annual sporting event in the world. The annual game began in 1967 and has grown in size and significance to the point where it is essentially a holiday in the United States. The annual TV broadcast of the Super bowl is usually the most watched television program of the year and generates the second most food sales of any day behind only the Thanksgiving Day holiday. It is also the largest single betting event in Nevada sportsbooks and likely the largest worldwide with the possible exception of the aforementioned Champions League Final. In 2010 NFL betting enthusiasts wagered $82.7 million on the Superbowl at Nevada sportsbooks which earned a $6.9 million profit on the day’s wagering action.

A different venue is chosen to host the game every year, usually a warm weather location to better facilitate tourism. The most frequent locations for the game are New Orleans (9 times), Miami (10 times) and Los Angeles (7 times). At one point the host city’s status with regard to an NFL team wasn’t a factor but that policy has been revised so only cities with franchises are now considered. The emphasis on a warm weather climate is also now a part of the league rules surrounding the event—the NFL won’t award a game to a city with an average game time temperature of lower than 50 degrees F (10 degrees C). That rule can be waived for domed or retractable roof stadiums, and has been done so on three occasions with the game being held in Detroit twice and once in Minneapolis.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won more Super Bowl titles than any other team, capturing the championship six times. This puts them one game ahead of the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers who each have five victories. The Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings share the dubious record for most appearances in the Superbowl without a win—each team has made four championship games and come away empty handed each time. Sportsbooks are already offering odds to bet on Super Bowl 2015 to win the championship game, so get in early.