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Patrick Sharp Signs 5 Year Deal With Backhawks

From Chicago Coach Quenville, all the way up to Vice President and General Manager Stan Bowman everyone was sick of answering the 64 thousand dollar question, Is Patrick Sharp playing in Chicago next year? It wasn’t just the media, it was players, front office staff, and of course every other league GM with a phone. The Hawks answered that question with the signing of Patrick Sharp with a 5 year contract extension. The new deal, which will begin with the

Pittsburgh Penguins v Carolina Hurricanes, Game Three

Evgeni Malkin Focused On Rehabing And Improving

Although its the offseason, Pittsburgh Penguins star Evgeni Malkin doesn’t have time to sit on his laurels. He is in the middle of rehabing a serious knee injury, and the reports coming out of Russia is that he is focused


Brent Burns Makes it Official With The Sharks And Signs 4 Year Extension

Before even playing a game as a San Jose Shark Brent Burns signed a deal that will keep him in teal until the 2016-17 season. Even though he had one year left on his deal with the Minnesota Wild, Burns


Ex-Flyer Captain Mike Richards Is Coming To Terms With Move To Kings

Mike Richards was surprised when he heard the news that he was being traded away from the Philadelphia. The NHL All Star and NHL record holder (most 5-3 short handed goals, 3) was the captain for the Flyers when he


Four Time Stanley Cup Winner Kris Draper Announces Retirement

Today Kris Draper became the third player to retire from the Detroit Red Wings since the end of the 2010-11 season. The 17 year veteran was part of four Stanley Cup teams, and he becomes one of 5 players to


Stamkos Re-Signs With Lightning: “No Other Options Considered”

When the Lightning hadn’t signed Steven Stamkos by July 1st, which technically made him a free agent at the time, the rumors began to fly. Some said he was trying to get out of Florida and wanted to play for

Overview of NHL

The National Hockey League (NHL) was founded in 1917 and has grown into the largest professional hockey league in North America. It currently has 30 teams (24 in the United States, 6 in Canada) who play an 82 game regular season schedule starting in October and running through April. The regular season is followed by a playoff in which the top 16 teams for the Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup itself is the oldest championship trophy in North American sports, and actually predates the league itself. It was donated in the trophy was donated in 1892 by then Governor General of Canada the Lord Stanley of Preston, and originally awarded to Canada’s top amateur hockey team. Over time, it became a trophy awarded to the winner of a competition between North America’s professional leagues and became the trophy awarded to the NHL champion in 1926.

Hockey betting lags behind football and basketball in terms of popularity, but is a highly underrated wagering proposition. It offers many of the same handicapping opportunities as basketball, while offering a variety of unique components that appeal to both the novice and professional. There are several different types of bets available to the NHL handicapper. There are moneylines on each game denoting a favorite and underdog similar to baseball betting. In addition, there is a hybrid of the point-spread like football and the money line like baseball. This used to be referred to as ‘The Canadian line’ but is now more commonly known as ‘the puck line’. This assigns a goal ‘pointspread’ (usually +/- 1.5 goals) along with a money line (ex: +1.5 -140). Since ties are no longer possible in the current NHL overtime format, a team that loses by a single goal cashes as an underdog on the puck line.

Like its outdoor counterpart soccer, another popular NHL hockey betting option is the over/under total. Bettors bet on whether the total goals scored by both teams will go ‘over’ or ‘under’ the posted total. While in theory scoring is at a premium like soccer and thus favoring the ‘under’, in hockey you’ll frequently get uptempo games where goals come fast and furious leading to a greater number of ‘over’ verdicts.