Betting Guides

The first step to profitable sports betting is a sound understanding of the process. Sports Betting World offers our readers a comprehensive series of sports betting guides covering everything you’ll need to know to get into the game. Herspore you’ll find information about the ‘nuts and bolts’ of selecting a sportsbook, finding the best bonuses, making a deposit, placing your bets and collecting your winnings. In addition, we’ve got in-depth guides to the specifics of betting each individual sport. Whether its golf, football, NASCAR or horse racing the betting guides have all of the information you need for successful and profitable sports betting.

Here’s what you’ll find in each of our sports betting guides:


Choosing A Sportsbook: Not all sportsbooks are created equal, and our guide will help you find the best book for your interests and playing style while avoiding the ‘bad guys’.

Deposit Options: Once you’ve selected a book, the next step is making a deposit. This guide explains all of the options giving the pros and cons of each.

Juice Sportsbooks: Some books offer ‘reduced juice’ options whereby players can bet at better odds than the usual -110. We explain what this means and why this is good for sports betting enthusiasts.

Sportsbook Bonus: This guide gives you information on which books offer the best bonuses for new and existing players.

NASCAR Sportsbook: Recommendations for the best places to bet NASCAR racing.


Golf Betting Guide: Golf betting is becoming increasingly popular, and this guide explains the different types of bets available.

Horse Betting Guide: The ‘sport of kings’ is the quintessential betting sport. This guide tells you the best places to bet on horses, along with basic wagering strategy.

Baseball Betting Guide: With a long season and no pointspreads to worry about, baseball betting is a favorite of ‘smart money’ players. This guide provides all the info you need to get into the game.

NASCAR Betting Guide: America’s fastest sport is growing in popularity, and most sportsbooks offer a variety of NASCAR betting options. We explain how to bet NASCAR racing.

NBA Betting Guide: NBA basketball betting is another favorite of ‘sharp’ players and newcomers alike. This guide explains the basics of making and winning your NBA bets.

NFL Betting Guide: NFL football betting rules among American players, and is a popular betting activity worldwide. This guide gives you the basics of how to successfully bet on NFL football.

NHL Betting Guide: NHL hockey betting has long been a favorite among ‘wise guys’ and is growing in popularity among recreational sports betting enthusiasts. We explain the basics of hockey betting lines and how to bet them.

Soccer Betting Betting: Whether it’s the World Cup, English Premier League or the US based MLS, soccer betting is the most popular sportsbook wager outside of the United States. This guide explains the many types of soccer bets available.