NBA Guide

Betting on Basketball is pretty similar to betting on other sports with the exception that over under bets are more popular in basketball wagering than in other sports, or it’s easier to predict whether or not they are good bets for a given situation. It’s possible to develop a consistent and winning basketball betting strategy with the right info. Once again, just throwing some money on random games won’t be your key to success. Researching teams and familiarizing yourself with the ins and outs of the league your looking to bet on is what will bring you the money. This guide will point out some of the things you should keep in mind when betting on basketball.

Full action and half action wagers
In basketball betting, it is a viable strategy not only to bet on full action (meaning the whole game) but on half action as well, which is either the first or second half of the game. The nature of basketball makes half time wagers more popular and potentially profitable in basketball. If you have a keen eye for stats and study the numbers, you can see which half time lines are strongest and you should bet them. First and second half stats will become pretty clear through the season and you can use this information to your advantage.

Watch the injury reports
Watching the injury reports is important no matter what type of sports you are betting on, but in basketball it is of particular importance. Because both NBA and NCAA basketball teams can have potentially dominating players, any injuries could have a huge affect on the outcome of the game. Again, injuries are important to look at for all sports, but make sure you pay particular attention before you put money on a basketball team. An injured player can completely change the dynamic of the team and the game in particular. Remember though, the folks in Las Vegas making the lines are well aware of injuries and you can be assured they have taken it into account when creating the lines!

College Basketball
Betting on college basketball can be a real blast due to the wide range of match ups that can occur at any given time. Unlike the NBA where most of the teams are well balanced and one team should be able to beat any other on a given day, college basketball can be much different. Because smaller programs like to get noticed or profit from playing against a larger school, many times there are complete mismatches that can make for some excellent betting. The important thing again though is to make sure you are informed on the teams you will be wagering on. With mismatches, it’s more important you are aware of some of the less apparent factors that might be influencing the game. For example, does the underdog need a win or a big performance to affect their post season chances? Is the smaller program an offensive powerhouse playing against a mainly defensive team? You need to look for the cracks in the lines that might lead you to a stronger bet.