NFL Guide

Betting on the NFL and college football can bring a lot of excitement to your sports experience and it can win you a lot of money. Football betting usually consists of straight line wagering through spread bets, money line bets and over/under bets. We stress the importance of sticking to these straight wagers; they are ultimately your best tool for making money. This guide will give you some basics tips and info that will put you on the right track to bet on football.

Do your research
Most people who bet on sports lose. Over the long haul they win some and they lose some, but ultimately they are throwing money away. Becoming a knowledgeable bettor will turn you into a winner! If you take the time to study team stats and how different teams play in different conditions you will be on your way to more successful betting. Here are some tips on research:

  • The internet is a true wealth of knowledge when it comes to stats and info, you can find almost anything you need statistics wise.
  • Keep records of your bets, your wins and your lost wagers. Look for trends and follow the information

Money Management
Managing money properly is critical to your success while betting on football. The first step is to make sure you are only betting on the most profitable wager types. Parlays and teasers are pushed hard by the sports books and there is usually a reason for it. They win the sports book lots of money and leave you broke! So don’t give them the chance at your money that way. Stick to straight wagers like money lines and spread bets.

It is also important to adapt a system of flat betting. You should be betting the same amount on each game. Remember, you are trying to squeak out a profit, and if you bet $100 on one game and $25 on the others, you’re going to be in trouble if you lose the big game. You can easily figure out how much you should bet on each game based on the bankroll that you have. Your bankroll is the amount of money you have available to bet on sports. Generally a wager of two to three percent of your bankroll is the best idea.

Remove yourself
Betting on a team you love or a team you’re a fan of is a big trap in sports betting. Now, if there is a solid bet for your team go ahead and make the wager. You have to ask yourself though, when the solid wager is against your team, can you take a step back and make the wager? If you have decided to try and make some money from betting on sports you have to realize that it’s all about the money. You can’t make silly decisions with your money by wagering on teams just because you like them. You need to make calculated bets based on the research you have done and the information you have.