Nascar Sportsbook

A lot of people probably don’t know this but not all sportsbooks offer the same betting match ups and options for nascar. Well most sportsbooks offer the same match ups but there’s one book impiticular that I’ve been using for years for my nascar bets and thats 5Dimes. They are hands down the best online sportsbook for nascar betting and I would say a must have sportsbook for anyone who bets nascar.

There are several betting options for nascar

1. Outrights - Thats where you pick the winner of the race outright. You’ll usually find the best odds for most of the drivers to win at 5dimes I would say 80% to 90% of the time.

2. Matchups - Thats where you pick one driver to finish ahead of another driver. This is where 5dimes shines they have most of the usual match ups that you’ll find at other books plus a ton more and they offer a lot of matchups for the not so popular drivers so if you know your nascar then you should be able to cleanup with these. This year for the Daytona 500 they have Kyle Busch matched up with around 20 other drivers.

3. Totals - Thats where you bet a driver to finish higher or lower than a certain position for example they could have Earnhardt at 10.5 so if you think he’ll be good that race bet under 10.5 or if you think he’ll be shit then bet the over. This is a pretty good way of betting nascar and most sportsbooks don’t offer this option but 5Dimes will usually have 10 or so of these every race.

4. Group Betting – 5Dimes will usually have a few of these. They’ll offer a group of 4 or 5 drivers and you can pick which of those drivers will finish the highest.

5. Nascar Props – This is something else that most books won’t offer but 5Dimes will usually have a few for the big races. This would be stuff like betting the over under on the number of cautions or what make of car will win.

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