Soccer Guide

Sports betting aficionados from the United States would probably be surprised to know that–taking the whole world into consideration–the most popular form of sports betting activity by far is soccer betting. If you are accustomed to betting on professional football games in the United States , then you can imagine just how big soccer betting is in Europe . With the well-known European fervor for soccer matches–bordering on the fanatical, as some would say–it is only natural that soccer betting would be equally popular.

Soccer betting is actually a lot like wagering on professional baseball games or National Hockey League matches. Soccer sports betting also involves the money line–as in baseball and hockey–with the main difference being that soccer betting allows the bettor to place a bet on either team, as well as having the option to bet that the game will result in a tie. In this instance, wagering on a tie will mean that any soccer team that you bet on will have to win the game in order for you to win the bet.

Here are a few common examples of soccer lines.

The odds on a typical soccer match will look something like this:

Rotherham United – 182 Draw + 230 Forest Green + 450

In the example given above, any bettor that wagers on Rotherham United to win the game will risk $18.20 in order to win $10. Bettors that wager on Forest Green to win the game on the other hand can potentially win $45 for every $10 that they will wager IF Forest Green does win the game.

Bettors can also choose to wager that the game will end in a draw. In that particular situation, the bettors will actually be risking $10 for the chance to win $23. Keep in mind that since you can bet on a tied outcome to the game, the team that you choose must win the game in order for you to win your bet.

Here is another example of the odds that you can expect to see on another soccer match:

Bristol Rovers + 140 Draw + 220 Leyton Orient + 150

In this particular example, both of the teams are underdogs. This is something that you will never see in baseball or the NHL, since it allows the possibility of a tied outcome to the game.

Others Soccer Bet Types:
In many soccer games, the total (over/under) may be posted. This will allow a bettor to wager either over or under a certain number of goals, hence the name. The usual number for these types of soccer bets is 2.5. In that particular case, a bettor who is wagering on the over will win the bet if his chosen team makes at least three goals during the course of the game. A bettor who is betting on the under on the other hand will need no more than two goals scored by his chosen team in order to win the wager.

In some soccer matches proposition betting is also practiced. This will include betting factors such as the time of the first goal made in the game, which particular team gets to score first, or which team will be ahead at the halftime mark of the game. This type of soccer betting can be quite lucrative for bettors who are exceptionally well informed on the soccer team that they will be wagering on.

A final word on soccer betting:
In order to get the maximum benefits to soccer betting, you should define your goal early on and go about trying to make it happen. Betting irresponsibly or in a haphazard manner will almost always result in disaster. Add to that playing for increasingly high stakes in order to make up for the loss, betting day in and day out without any clear goals in mind, and you will probably not get the results that you want also a lot of sportsbooks offers free bets from time to time so you want to make sure to keep an eye out for that. .

One of the first things that you should do is to set up your betting fund or bankroll. This is the amount of money that you are prepared to lose. Never under any circumstances borrow money for betting. Finally, do not try to make money for your everyday needs from soccer betting, or any other type of gambling activity for that matter.

As you can see, soccer betting is relatively easy especially to those who are familiar with money line betting. Any one with some familiarity with that type of betting should have no trouble getting into the fascinating world of soccer betting.