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Golf Betting – An Introduction
The best thing to do is always begin at the beginning, so let us start with a basic question – what is golf betting. It is, simply put, betting on golf! There are a number of aspects and facets to golf betting – different kinds of betting games, different formats, how to lay a bet, where to lay a golf bet, the different terms involved when it comes to golf betting, and so on.

In this article on golf betting, we will take a look at some of these aspects in brief so you will have an overview, a general idea, of what golf betting is all about.

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Why Golf Betting?
You may ask yourself – why would anyone want to bet on golf? The reason is quite simple – there is a lot of money to be made in golf betting. The game of golf itself has a lot of money involved, and by betting on golfers during a tournament, you stand to make a good amount of money yourself, provided you are able to pick the winner correctly.

The question of odds also comes into play. Unlike other sports, that may have a smaller number of participants, golf tournaments usually have a larger number of players, increasing the odds of winning. There have been instances of players beating huge odds to go on and win tournaments when nobody gave them a chance, and the people who bet on them also laughed all the way to the bank.

Considering that there are more than 150 golfers in the professional circuit, the chances of an ‘outsider’ giving all players in a tournament a run for their money and then beating them are not entirely in the realm of fantasy.

Types of Golf Betting
One of the ways in which golf betting is different from betting in other sports is the lack of a system that allows you to spread your options. There are two main ways you can bet when it comes to golf betting – you can pit golfers against each other during a tournament and bet on one of them, or you can directly look at betting on one player across all players involved in a tournament. The money for the latter option is, obviously, higher because the odds would increase by that much more.

Another betting option available is called the field bet. This is essentially a subset of picking a player across a tournament as the possible winner. This means looking to bet on players who are not likely to win a tournament. The odds on such players are high, of course, but not many take the field bet option simply because going by factors that generally influence betting patterns, such as consistency, form, and so on, a player included in the field bet option would really not be given too much of a chance of winning.

Some Basic Golf Betting Tips
If you are a novice at golf betting, which you probably are if you are reading this article, some tips about how to go about betting on golf would be more than welcome, I am sure. Here are a few tips that would definitely help you improve your winning chances of winning in golf betting.

Take form into account when you are looking to bet on a player. While it is very possible that a player can defy expectations based on current form, this is usually more an exception than a trend. So you would be safe in consulting the form book while picking your player.

Another thing you can look at is their overall performance across a timeframe – at what notch on the leaderboard have they been during that time period? Have they finished in the top portion of the leaderboard? It is a good idea to go with players who feature in the top portion of the leaderboard, for obvious reasons.

Do not worry if your player did not win the tournament – that does not necessarily mean you will not make your money. Changes and upgrades in traditional sports betting formats now mean you have the chance to take your winnings mid-way through a tournament and quit, if your player has played well enough to lower the odds placed against him.