Juice Sportsbooks

Most Online Sportsbooks offer -110 odds which means you have to bet $110 on a game to win $100 that’s the standard juice for online and land sportsbooks. But reduced juice sportsbooks will offer odds as low as -105 this means you only have to bet $105 on a game to win $100.

This may not look like a lot but it adds up over time. Here’s an example of a bettor who usually bets 3 games per day so that would be around 1000 bets per year. Now lets say our bettor is fairly good and hits 55% for the year so he wins 550 games and loses 450 games. If our bettor was betting $100 per game at the standard -110 our bettor would make a $5500 profit. Now if that same bettor was betting at a reduced juice sportsbook offering -105 odds instead of the regular -110 he would have made a profit of $7750 that’s a difference of $2250 which is almost a 50% increase in profits.

There are some drawbacks with reduced juice sportsbooks books usually don’t offer big signup bonuses and hardly ever offer re-up bonuses. Sometimes they also may have higher transaction fees and may have the bare minimum in customer service. Low juice sportsbooks are geared for higher limit players or players who bet a lot of games. My advise would be if your only betting $25 a game or just a couple games on the weekend then a traditional sportsbook may be better for you that way you can take advantage of they’re generous bonuses and promotions.

Here’s a list of reduced juice sportsbooks.

1. 5Dimes -105 juice on all major sports sides and totals, they also accept American players and offer a lot of sports betting options so in my opinion this is a must have out for Americans. Note must choose the reduced juice bonus when signing up.

2. Canbet -107 on NFL, NBA game and -105 on MLB games but that’s it they don’t offer reduced juice on NHL or college basketball and football. Do not accept US players.