Horse Guide

Thoroughbred horse racing is one of the fastest rising and most exciting sports betting events around today. Numerous fancy and high budget events that are centered on thoroughbred horse race betting are hosted every year, and even if you are not actually involved in the betting itself, there is no denying the palpable air of excitement that characterizes these glitzy functions.

Any one who is planning to put together a thoroughbred horse race betting event should obviously be familiar with the various terminologies regarding the wagering and basics of thoroughbred horse racing before the event. This will allow the event organizer to offer wagering tips to the bettors, explain the finer details of the betting process at the horse track, and generally function as a more effective host of what will hopefully be a successful thoroughbred horse race betting event.

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Keep in mind that in many of these events, there will be a few or more people who have never attended such an event ever before in their lives and as such, the various intricacies surrounding the event will be more than a little bit confusing to them. The wagering options and the various other aspects of the game will be quite unfamiliar and may even cause them to lose interest in the event. It is important therefore to keep these events fun and light hearted, which is why it is important to help all the guests feel thoroughly comfortable. And since you are the planner of the said thoroughbred horse racing betting event, it is up to you to get yourself as familiar as possible with the different aspects of thoroughbred horse racing and betting.

What you should know about the Race Program

Every race track that you go to will provide bettors with complimentary daily race forms. These forms will list down each of the races that are going to be held on that particular day. These daily race forms will also provide a lot of detailed and important information about each of the races and horses for the day.

The most obvious information contained in the race program is the name of the horse and its post position number. The post position number is simply the position of the horse in the starting gate, which is counted from the inner rail going outwards. In addition to these details, the race program will also contain information about the total distance of the race, the estimated time it will take to complete the race, the “purse” or prize that will be paid to the winner, how the horses are qualified for entry into the race entry, and other pertinent details.

Keep in mind that it is very important for you to pay close attention to the various statistics that are provided about each of the horses, including how a particular horse may have performed on different race tracks.

The Tip Sheet

Tip sheets are documents that are prepared by professional handicappers. These people offer their opinions about the horses that are competing in a particular race. While using the tip sheet may not be as colorful or fun as placing a wager on a horse based on the interesting and unique names–or any of the other common thoroughbred horse race betting practices and customs–the tip sheet is nevertheless quite useful in helping the guests of your event make a more informed decision about the horse that they will be betting on. This can help give them a better chance of winning.

Obviously one of the best ways to ensure a win in thoroughbred horse race betting is to wager on the favorite horse. Some other practices that have resulted in great success are betting on the horse with the lowest odds or on the horse that has the most money riding on it.

Some Popular Wagering Options

While horse track wagering may seem quite complicated especially to first time bettors, gaining at least a little familiarity with the various options will serve to make the whole process much clearer. In almost all cases, the minimum bet is $2. You will want to ask the mutual clerk about the various wagering options before you begin placing a bet however. Here are some of the most common basic wagering options:

Win. Here the horse you are betting on has to come in first.
Place. The horse you are betting on has to come in first or second.
Show. Your horse has to come in either first, second or third place.
Across the Board. Here, your horse has to come in first, second or third place.
Exacta. This signifies the top two finishers of the race in order.
Trifecta. This signifies the top three finishers of the race in order.