Choosing a Book

For all the quality sportsbooks there are out there in the online sports betting world, there are some bad ones as well that you should steer clear of.  When choosing the perfect place to get your bets in there are many factors to consider so let’s take a look at what you should be looking into closely when choosing the perfect online sportsbook that fits your needs, and most importantly, will give you your money if you win.

1. Reputation

The first thing you need to look into is the sportsbook’s reputation to pay in an acceptable time frame and in some cases, to pay at all.  Sportsbooks like 5Dimes have great payment histories and some of the best reputations in the online gambling industry but there are many sportsbooks out there who do not have such a great payment history so make sure you do some research before you choose a sportsbook to put your money in.  The two listed above are as safe as can be but there are books out there that are referred to as either “slow pay” or “no pay” books and just are not worth the hassle of getting your money out should you be fortunate enough to win.  Unless the book has a great history of paying on time, don’t be swayed by the bigger bonuses out there that a questionable book could be offering.  Odds are you won’t get your money in a suitable time, if at all. For a list of the top sportsbooks visit our click here

2. Betting Lines

The next important thing to look for when choosing a sportsbook is the betting lines.  Some books are reduced juice like 5Dimes and other books are standard juice.  Some have more fun prop bets than others and some just have a ton of different ways to bet on a certain game.  As far as various prop bets Bodog is about as good as it gets.  They offer individual player props as well as game props on almost every sport that they carry about both also carry about every sport possible if you plan on just betting on standard things like the money line, point spread, or totals.

3. Multiple Outs

It’s important to have more than one sportsbook so you can line shop and get the best value.  Many don’t understand the difference in paying 5 cents of juice more over the long haul but in many cases it’s the difference between a winning gambler and a losing gambler.  Comparing betting odds at two or more different shops is imperative to winning at this over the long haul but just make sure you pick sportsbooks who are going to be able to pay you.  Getting a -105 when other sportsbooks are offering a -120 is all fine and dandy but doesn’t mean much if you will never see the money from the winning wager.

4. Banking Options

Another option to look at is how easy it is going to be to take your money out if you win.  Even some good and reliable books have payment issues from time to time thanks to the banking laws in the United States and as such, it’s important to look at the possible withdrawal options that the sportsbook offers and see what works for you.  Most of the good ones will be able to meet your needs and then some but be careful if you might need your money right away and all the sportsbook offers is a check in the mail that could take a few weeks since it will be mailed internationally.

5. Bonuses Offered

When choosing a quality sportsbook you should also look into the bonus program that is offered.  If you only want one book, for instance, and are choosing between and Bookmaker and 5Dimes, you’ll probably want to go with whoever is currently offering a bonus program that suits your needs the best and offers you the most “free” money to bet with on top of your deposit.  Like I said earlier though, with the less than stellar books, it’s good to avoid any crazy bonuses because they likely just want your money and won’t pay you anything back if you win.

Be safe with your sportsbook choice and go with an established book like the ones  mentioned above  and you can’t go wrong.  It’s simply not worth taking chances on some new startup sportsbook with crazy bonus offers with no history of making payments.  Stick to the best and you’ll have a great time in the online sports betting world.