World Cup Betting Free Picks: Argentina vs. Mexico


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The other second round World Cup game for Sunday will be Argentina vs. Mexico, and we like a soccer betting position on the side of this game.  Mexico didn’t exactly overwhelm opponents to earn a second round berth, while Argentina may be playing better than any team in the field heading into the knockout stage.  This game goes at 11:30 AM Pacific.

Argentina vs. Mexico
June 27, 11:30 AM Pacific

Both of these teams were thought of as enigmas heading into World Cup play.  Argentina has a ridiculous amount of world class talent but there were questions about their head coach’s ability to bring the team together.  Argentine soccer icon Diego Maradona has overcome his share of demons since retiring including a drug addiction and he has limited coaching experience.  Granted, he’s considered on a very short list of the best soccer players in history but that alone doesn’t make for a good coach (see Jordan, Michael).  While many soccer pundits were expecting disaster things really couldn’t have worked out better–the fiery and passionate Maradona has his team playing with enthusiasm and the team chemistry is great.  With so many teams derailed by behind the scenes clubhouse soap operas (most notably France) the universal take on Argentina is that the team is having fun and genuinely enjoys playing together.  That’s a quality that can’t be underestimated, and with the talent level Argentina has to work with–including the man many consider the best player in the world, Lionel Messi–that’s a scary combination for opponents to deal with.

Mexico was considered an enigma heading into the World Cup, and they’ve done nothing to dispel that notion through three games of group play.  They opened their World Cup run with a sloppy draw to South Africa, followed that with a loss to a very dangerous Uruguay side and finally got a win against France–a team that had already quit before the game even started.  Not an impressive run to set up a date with a monstrous opponent.

Argentina has too many weapons, and is in excellent form.  They should easily take care of a Mexico team that didn’t show much during the qualifying stage and needed some lucky breaks and France’s capitulation just to get here.

Bet Argentina -180 over Mexico

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