Anti-Obama Comedy Website Latest To Suffer Super Bowl Ad Rejection




Go Daddy started the trend, adult dating website Ashley Madison jumped on the bandwagon and now even small web startups are milking the ‘banned Super Bowl ad’ angle for all the publicity they can get.  The latest to claim that a commercial spot for the Super Bowl was rejected by Fox TV standards and practices is a website called “Jesus Hates Obama“, which sells t- shirts and other swag poking fun at the current President.

The site really doesn’t get into the specifics of their policy disagreements with Obama, though they offer this introduction:

Do we really believe that Jesus hates Obama?  Of course not!

However we do believe in freedom…as in the freedom to make fun of the Obama Administration with novelty t-shirts.  Check out our official ‘Jesus Hates Obama’ t-shirts today.

Our products may be a joke but so are the policies of this administration.

Obviously your take on this outfit and their shirts will depend on where you come down politically, but there was no shortage of anti-Bush swag during his administration so it goes both ways.

Seriously, I doubt that the site even approached Fox about airing a commerical–based on the look of their website, which is adequate but far from cutting edge, the $3.5 million price tag would have been a bit out of their range.  Still, its been picked up by countless media outlets–some reporting it as ‘straight news’, others with a more tongue in cheek take, and others–like this one–that find the general phenomenon interesting.  You have to wonder,  however, how long the media will continue to ‘bite’ with the ‘rejected Super Bowl commercial’ angle.  With so much money bet on Super Bowl games, I’m surprised that you haven’t seen an offshore sportsbook try this strategy.   This one was a pretty easy sell since it has a fairly witty video and the overtones of partisan politics to get the attention of the media and general public.

And, in all fairness, despite being shot on a small budget their commercial is pretty witty and entertaining.


  • Rex
    January 21, 9:41 am

    “Obviously your take on this outfit and their shirts will depend on where you come down politically.”

    No it does not. That only true with wingnuts. I think Obama is a horrid president, but I find the company despicable.

    • Jack Thurman
      January 22, 4:59 am

      ‘Despicable’ is kind of strong, isn’t it? I’m not an Obama fan in the least, nor am I going to be wearing one of their t-shirts but I don’t see much more than a company trying to make a buck filling market demand. I wasn’t a Bush fan either, but there were no shortage of companies doing the same thing in reverse during his administration. I do find it kind of amusing that they get so much media traction out of their ‘rejected’ Super Bowl ad when there’s no way in hell they could afford the price tag to run an ad in the first place.

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