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Cowboys Hit Rock Bottom, Jerry Jones Apologizes To Fans

Things keep getting worse for the Dallas Cowboys and we’re not just talking about the fact that John Kitna is currently their starting quarterback with Tony Romo on the shelf.  On Sunday they were on the wrong end of a


Redskins’ Bench Donovan McNabb In Loss To Lions

While it may be premature to say a full-on quarterback controversy is brewing in Washington, head coach Mike Shanahan did sound a little testy responding to media questions about his decision to bench Donovan McNabb late in the Redskins’ 37-25


Jenn Sterger Set To Talk To NFL About Favre’s Naughty Text Messages

Jenn Sterger hasn’t had much to say since the Brett Favre ‘sexting’ scandal began, but that may be about to change.  According to her attorney Joe Conway there is  a ‘strong probability’ that she’ll meet with the NFL next week


LeBron Second Guesses ‘The Decision’

LeBron James is having second thoughts about ‘The Decision’.  No, not the move to Miami as a free agent but the pathetic, self absorbed way in which he announced the move including the TV special dubbed by ESPN as ‘The


Blazers, Oden To Let Contract Extension Deadline Pass

Not really a surprise, but also something that doesn’t happen very often–the Portland Trailblazers and Greg Oden’s ‘representatives’ have agreed to let Monday’s deadline for 2007 first round picks to sign contract extensions pass.  That means that Oden will become


Spurs Sign Tony Parker To Multi-Year Extension

Eva Longoria’s husband is going to stay in San Antonio for awhile.  The Spurs have signed point guard Tony Parker to a multi-year contract extension, reportedly a four year deal worth $50 million.  Parker is in the final year of


Texans Go On A Search And Destroy Mission For Performance Enhancing Drugs

The Houston Texans have taken a unique and proactive step to prevent their players from using performance enhancing drugs.  In a move right out of junior high school, they went on a ‘search and destroy’ sweep of players’ lockers hunting


Panthers’ DeAngelo Williams Likely Out Against Rams

The Carolina Panthers finally got one in the win column last week, but they may have lost starting running back DeAngelo Williams–at least for the time being.  Williams limped off the field in the closing moments of Carolina’s win over

Brett-Favre (2)

Favre Returns To Practice, Now A ‘Game Time Decision’

Brett Favre is still listed as ‘questionable’ on the official NFL injury report, but there are encouraging signs that ‘The Gunslinger’ will be able to start on Sunday.  He returned to practice Friday after missing the rest of the week.


Allen Iverson Takes His Game To Turkey

Allen Iverson is once again ‘The Answer’–at least in Turkey.  Having played himself out of the NBA, A.I. is following the lead set by locker room cancer Stephon Marbury and selling his services to a foreign team as a sideshow